Event Ticketing, 10 Tips

  1. Event TicketsDo not count on PR or word of mouth. Use them, but focus on the predictable.
  2. Figure out your market.
  3. Figure out where your market gets their information.
  4. Craft a message that focuses on what is important to your market and how your event meets their needs or fills their desires.
  5. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Get your message in front of your market many, many times.
  6. Maximize your lists. Be smart and careful, but hit them hard.
  7. Leverage sponsors. They are good for money, but they can also get people to your event.
  8. E-mail is powerful, when an address is a real connection, in your market.
  9. Start trying to sell tickets as soon as humanly possible. You want to start rolling the snowball and the more you sell early, the more you can sell late.
  10. Keep selling tickets until the very last minute, even through the end of the event if you can. There will often be a last-minute uptick of buying.
Events can be fun. Events can change the world.