Online Auction Services — Instructions

EveryEventGives is the only online ticketing service that offers you the option of hosting an online auction along with your ticket sales.

•  Allows the event host to begin selling auction items right away, long before the event, giving people time to get acquainted with the items and increasing the bidding potential

•  Provides an easy way for people to support the event, even if they cannot attend, increasing the profitability of each and every event

•  Allows the event host to sell auction items even when the event is over, allowing the funds to continue to come in even after the initial event has concluded

Setting Up Online Auction Items

1.  Create your event.

2.  If you are not already on the Event Management page, go there by clicking the “My Events” button to the top right of the page.

3.  To the right of your event, click “Manage”.

4.  At the bottom left, click “Add Product/Auction Item”

5.  Add your “Product Name” and “Description”; format, as desired.

6.  Check the “Auction” box; then click “Auction”, to the left (appears when you check the “Auction” box).

7.  For an eBay-style auction, leave the “Auction Type” as “Regular”.

8.  Choose the “Item Condition” or leave it as “n/a”.

9.  Choose a “Starting Bid”. Do not include a currency symbol; if you accidentally do, it will be removed.

10.  “Auto-Bidding” automatically raises the bid by the increment you have chosen; if someone bids more than that, their bid automatically increases to beat the next highest bid, until the amount they have set is reached.

11.  “Reserve Price” is an undisclosed amount that represents the least you will accept for an item. The item will not sell unless that amount is reached (regardless of what the “Starting Bid” may be).

12.  “End Date” or “Duration” set how long the auction will last. Only one is needed.

13.  “Shipping Policy” and “Return Policy” will be displayed if you provide them.

14.  Add a product image.


16.  Repeat for each item.

Online Auction Tips

•  Market your auction aggressively. We would be happy to provide suggestions or consult with you.

•  Supplement items you have donated with items of higher value that you may choose to buy. Please ask us about EveryEventGives partner BW Unlimited, with items ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. There is no risk and you will not pay unless an item makes you money.

For tin sign auctions, check out this site.

Always contact us with questions or for consulting to help you be successful.

We are here for YOU.

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