Holding Online to Event-Based Auctions


EveryEventGives LogoAn online to event-based auction starts online and ends at a physical event. The advantages of creating an online to event-based auction include the ability to start motivating people long before the event-based auction; the opportunity to start earning income from your auction right away; and the potential to ramp up excitement and raise larger amounts at your event.


Here is how it works:

1. Add your auction items to your event page

•  Set the end dates for the auction to the date and time of your event.

•  Be sure to create “Buy It Now” prices for items, to encourage people to buy before your event starts.

•  Keep in mind that you can always add more items, if you get more after launching the auction.

2. Aggressively publicize your auction, leading up to your event.

3. One or two days before your event (timing is your call, this is a recommendation), e-mail all bidders – especially high-bidders, but e-mailing everyone is best – and let them know that the online auction will end 24 hours before the event, telling them that if they want to be sure to get the item, they can “Buy It Now.”

4. 24 hours before your event, record the high bidders for all items that have not been sold through “Buy It Now”, and delete the item. Then, when you set up the auction at your event, you can add the high bid from the online auction as the lowest bid ay the event-based auction.

5. When you close your online auction, notify all bidders so those who did not get items will have extra motivation to show up at your event.

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.