EveryEventGives: Excellent Online Ticketing for Small Movie Theaters

10 Things to Consider

  1. We can provide an interactive calendar for your current site, displaying movies and events, allowing you to sell tickets for each.
  2. Hovering over a calendar entry displays a movie/event description and image (movie poster, etc.)
  3. Each movie/event will have its own page that can include a description, images, video, and links to additional information.
  4. Whenever there is an option to purchase tickets, you can provide an option to make a charitable contribution to the theater.
  5. EveryEventGives will donate to the charity of your choice for every ticket sold (including the theater, if you choose).
  6. The EveryEventGives team will provide customer service designed to surpass your expectations.
  7. You can input and enter your movies/events, or EveryEventGives will do it for you.
  8. Working with EveryEventGives will allow you to sell tickets directly from social media.
  9. We provide a variety of tools designed to help you with marketing (can be used for fundraising).
  10. It would take just a few days to have you selling tickets from your website.


EveryEventGives will never charge you anything at all.

EveryEventGives only charges when a ticket is sold; that cost can be passed along to the ticket buyer. You will never need to payEveryEventGives. In fact, we will pay you. Each week, we can write you a check (or deposit directly into your bank account), that covers all ticket sales for that week.


EveryEventGives will work with you on pricing.

For the average customer, for each ticket sold, EveryEventGives charges 99 cents, plus 2.5%, plus 3% for the credit card companies. For venues, which sell more tickets over a longer period than a single event, we will work with you to set a price and charitable contribution that allows both of us to succeed.


EveryEventGives offers uncommon personal service, and we’re stoked about it!

At EveryEventGives, our rule is that we do anything in our power to help you succeed. If this means offering extra support, you’ll get it. If you have a larger event and need special payment terms, you’ll get them. If you think of something else you need, we will do everything we can to make it happen.

  • An EveryEventGives team member will happily help you create events, manage events, and address any issue that arises. We are seriously committed to helping you succeed and will do whatever we can for you. This is probably the biggest EveryEventGives difference.
  • Need special attention? Call CEO Sean Spence on his cell phone, 573-823-1308.


Events can be fun. Events can change the world.