Maximizing the Power of a Competitive Fundraiser

A competitive fundraiser is one in which there are several teams or individuals who are focused on raising money for themselves, seeking to raise more than the other participants, as the mechanism for raising money for their cause. This might include a race, a walk-a-thon, a dance competition, or anything else that involves multiple teams or individuals competing against each other to raise money.

With proper management and support, this can be one of the most successful fundraisers, spreading effort among many and accessing a much larger network of donors than would otherwise be available.


  • Make it easier for each team or individual to raise money
    • Use technology – We advise that you create an individual fundraising page for each competitor, which they can then use to maximize their donors. Having their own event page will make I much easier for them to raise with e-mail and social media; even over the phone or in person, having their own page will give them a way for them to easily collect (and get credit for) credit/debit card contributions.
    • Provide guidance
      • Provide fundraising tips – EveryEventGives can provide draft tips for competitors.
      • Provide them a suggested timeline – EveryEventGives can provide draft timelines.
      • Provide names to contact for advice – EveryEventGives can provide experts for competitors to call with questions about maximizing their fundraising potential.
    • Publicize fundraising progress on a regular basis until the final day of the event
    • Separate from the efforts of the competitors, leverage the organization’s donor base with an event page for those who want to support the event, but do not want to choose a specific competitor.

Suggested Timeline

4 Weeks Before

  • Provide individual fundraising pages that can be viewed on a central list
  • Include an option for people who just want to donate to the group
  • Post central list on your organization’s website
  • E-mail link to central list to donor/potential donor list with a fundraising message

3 Weeks Before

  • Update participants on everyone’s fundraising progress

2 Weeks Before

  • Update participants on everyone’s fundraising progress

1 Week Before

  • Update participants on everyone’s fundraising progress
  • Second e-mail, with link, to donor/potential donor list

Event Day

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.