For Events, Make the Most of Your Charity Relationship

One of the primary reasons event hosts use EveryEventGives for event ticketing is because we give 50 cents of our fee to charity, for every ticket sold. Yes, together, we are making the world a better place.

At the same time we are making the world better, though, working with a tying your event to a charity provides you the option to take advantage of a variety of options. Our recommendation is that you make the most of them. Our recommendation is that you work with your charity to have the most successful event possible, because that will benefit you both.

Here are a few suggestions for leveraging your tie to a charity.

  • Choose a charity that will appeal to potential attendees. There are just so darned many good charities, why not choose one that can help you create a more successful event?
  • Let people know that their purchase of a ticket supports your charity, especially if it is really popular, or of particular interest to people who might be attending your event. You can do this in the event description on the event page, through e-mail or social media, and on printed invitations.
  • Get the charity to help you. After all, the more tickets you sell, the more it helps them. The should be telling their supporters about your event — sending e-mail messages and posting on social media.
  • Offer to let the charity play some role in the event program. This will increase the benefit to them and give them more of a reason to help publicize your event.
Events can be fun. Events can change the world.