EveryEventGives Launches National Event Pro Directory

We launched EveryEventGives almost four years ago to create an invaluable resource for event professionals and those who work with them. Of course, the biggest way we do that is by offering a world-class online event ticketing system. In addition to that, we try to provide a wide range of resources – especially awesome informational articles – that will help people create killer events.


The latest resource EveryEventGives provides is a national directory of event professionals. Would you believe it is the only one in the country? Sure, there are a few national membership organizations with membership directories, but those are only for members of the organizations. What we are working to provide at EveryEventGives is a truly comprehensive directory of all event professionals. Certainly, the core will be event planners, but we also provide contact information for caterers, equipment rental companies, florists, and the list goes on and on.


For consumers, as we grow, we will provide a one-stop-shop where they can meet all their event needs. For event professionals, we will make it easier for people to find them, and being listed in our directory, with their URL, will help with search engine optimization (SEO).


Today, we have event professionals in almost every state. Every week, we will continue to add to the directory and improve the individual listings.


Want to be included in the Event Pro Directory? Just e-mail [email protected] with your company name, category, contact name, and contact information. We would be happy to add you.


You can visit the Event Pro Directory at www.EventProDirectory.com or at the EveryEventGives website, www.EveryEventGives.com.


EveryEventGives provides an easy way for event hosts to collect payment for event registration fees and market their events. Further, we provide a wide range of resources to help event hosts build successful events. For every ticket sold through our service, we donate 50 cents to the charitable cause of the event host’s choice.

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.