Event Marketing — Cool New Social Media Feature for Our Events

When you are selling your event tickets online, shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to leverage social media to help you succeed?

It is a little surprising that I have not seen this functionality with other online ticketing companies, and we are pretty excited that EveryEventGives has it now. The bottom line is that EveryEventGives offers the option to add social media posting right on your event page. So, if you want to make this functionality available, anyone who visits your page can post comments — about the event or about you, the event host. It is a powerful way to let the people who support what you are doing show that support, right where tickets are being sold.

On top of allowing people to post their comments about your events, they can share those comments to social media — Facebook, Twitter, or visitors can get a link for sharing. Read more information on this site to learn how to use a drone photography for your special event.

Whether an event host uses this functionality or not is up to them. All someone needs to do, when setting up their event, is to turn the event comments on, at the bottom of the page. It is just one click of a button to turn the functionality on or off.

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.