EveryEventGives Fee Explanation

EveryEventGives makes it easy for you to sell and market tickets to events, online. We allow you to create an event page that is hosted by EveryEventGives, which ticket buyers can then use as the point of purchase for your event. For every ticket sold on our site for your event, we will donate 50 cents of our fee to the recognized (501c3) charity of your choice.

  • There is no charge to anyone until a ticket is purchased, and then that charge is paid by the ticket buyer. The event host never pays anything.
  • The fees — both the EveryEventGives fee and the credit card fee — are in line with our competitors. The primary difference is that we give 50-cents for every ticket sold to the recognized charity of event host’s choice.
  • The EveryEventGives fee is 99-cents plus 2.5% per ticket.
  • The credit card fee, which goes to the credit card companies, is 3%.


  • $25 tickets would incur a fee of $2.36
  • $60 tickets would incur a fee of $4.29
  • All fees are paid by the ticket buyer, and can be folded into the ticket price or added and displayed.
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