Proofreading Your Event Marketing Materials

You would think this would go without saying – and you might be shocked to learn how often people mess this up – but proofreading your event marketing materials is just so darned important. If you are a professional, then hopefully either you are an excellent proofreader or you can pay someone to do it […]

EveryEventGives Launches National Event Pro Directory

We launched EveryEventGives almost four years ago to create an invaluable resource for event professionals and those who work with them. Of course, the biggest way we do that is by offering a world-class online event ticketing system. In addition to that, we try to provide a wide range of resources – especially awesome informational […]

For Events, Make the Most of Your Charity Relationship

One of the primary reasons event hosts use EveryEventGives for event ticketing is because we give 50 cents of our fee to charity, for every ticket sold. Yes, together, we are making the world a better place. At the same time we are making the world better, though, working with a tying your event to […]

EveryEventGives Tech Support, Event Support, and Help of Every Kind

Hey Y’all! At EveryEventGives, we pride ourselves on offering the best support of every kind in the online ticketing industry. The quickest way to get support, ask questions, or make comments is to click the word bubble in the bottom right of the screen. We will get whatever message you send us pretty quickly — […]

QR Check-In App for Events!

EveryEventGives has partnered with CodeREADr ( to provide users the ability to check customers into their event by scanning a QR code on the ticket, using any Android or iOS device. The reader can scan QR codes on a paper ticket or an electronic one showing on a smartphone or tablet. There is no extra […]

Maximizing the Power of a Competitive Fundraiser

A competitive fundraiser is one in which there are several teams or individuals who are focused on raising money for themselves, seeking to raise more than the other participants, as the mechanism for raising money for their cause. This might include a race, a walk-a-thon, a dance competition, or anything else that involves multiple teams […]

EveryEventGives: Excellent Online Ticketing for Small Movie Theaters

10 Things to Consider We can provide an interactive calendar for your current site, displaying movies and events, allowing you to sell tickets for each. Hovering over a calendar entry displays a movie/event description and image (movie poster, etc.) Each movie/event will have its own page that can include a description, images, video, and links […]

New Event Page Checklist

Our goal at EveryEventGives is to help you be more successful with your event than you have ever been. To that end, we are here to help in any way we can.   We are always happy to set up or edit event pages for you. We pride ourselves on being super-responsive to tech issues, […]

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