Release: Event Tech Leader Leonora Valvo Joins EveryEventGives Advisory Board

  Valvo founded and exited etouches, leads InsightXM, is bringing experience to ticketing startup EveryEventGives   Columbia, MO – EveryEventGives CEO Sean Spence announced today that long time event tech leader Leonora Valvo has joined the company’s advisory board. She will serve as an active member, as well as personal advisor to the executive team. […]

Why Use EveryEventGives for Civic Clubs?

EveryEventGives strives to provide the easiest, most user-friendly event ticketing service. If your club is hosting an event – a banquet, reception, cocktail party, etc. – we make it easy for you to start selling tickets online right away, at no cost to you (a fee is paid by ticket buyers, at purchase – 99 […]

Event Planning Template — $10,000 Banquet

  What follows is what you might use as a preliminary planning document for an event for an event with a $10,000 goal; charging $260 per couple; and featuring a silent auction and a raffle. Note that it is designed to raise much more than $10,000, so that you can have several things not work […]

Raise More Money with Name Your Price Tickets

  Name Your Price Tickets are really pretty simple – you can create a ticket type with a blank price, allowing purchasers to set their own price. You can even allow a minimum price, so that people can not name a price that goes below a certain amount.   The bottom line is that a […]

Holding Online to Event-Based Auctions

  An online to event-based auction starts online and ends at a physical event. The advantages of creating an online to event-based auction include the ability to start motivating people long before the event-based auction; the opportunity to start earning income from your auction right away; and the potential to ramp up excitement and raise […]

Domino Marketing Strategy in Big Dollar Event Planning

A few years ago a client decided to create a high-level conference for national leaders of an industry in which they had essentially no connections. Literally, no one involved knew anyone in the industry or anyone who had ever been in it — definitely an impediment to event planning. They decided to do the conference […]

Online Auction Services — Instructions

  EveryEventGives is the only online ticketing service that offers you the option of hosting an online auction along with your ticket sales.   •  Allows the event host to begin selling auction items right away, long before the event, giving people time to get acquainted with the items and increasing the bidding potential   […]

Mistake 7 of 10 Event Marketers Often Make – Not Leveraging Others

  This is such an incredibly simple concept; it is shocking that it is such a common mistake of event marketers. The concept is this — figure out who cares about your event and leverage them to attract people and make your event better. Simply put, ask for help!   Think about everyone who cares […]

23 Essentials of Event Planning

Get help with the planning Yes, you can do an event of just about any size all by yourself, if you really must; but it will be so much more fun, more creative, and generally more successful if you find a few people to help you think, plan and execute. A well-run group of even […]

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