Getting Caught Up in Minutiae: The Napkin Problem

I often talk about “the napkin problem” of event organizing committees – the propensity for people to get caught up in the fun details (such as choosing the napkins, or the music, or whatever) and forget about the key objectives (making sales, attracting certain clients, raising money, etc.). Taking time to identify your key objectives […]

10 Reasons Hosts Should Provide Online Ticket Sales

It always surprises me, but there are still an awful lot of people and organizations that do not provide a way for potential attendees to buy tickets online. Here are 10 reasons to provide online ticket sales: It makes things easier for at least some of your guests, who are used to buying things online. […]

Every Transaction Gives — Amazon, $18.4 Million in a Day

EveryTicketGives is about so much more than event tickets; it is about so much more than $0.50 for every ticket sold. It is about evolving capitalism. It is about changing the world. Think about Amazon, probably the greatest e-commerce company, ever. On Cyber Monday 2013, Amazon sold 36.8 million items. If Amazon followed the EveryTicketGives […]

Helping You Build Better Events

The core purpose of EveryTicketGives is to help you build better events. The primary way we do that is by making it easier for you to sell tickets online. We are just getting started, though. Every day, we are looking for ways to improve our service and to provide complementary services — analytics, communications with […]

Eggs & Answers, Our First Two Events

On April 1st, EveryTicketGives is scheduled for a soft launch. We will do two events in that month and if all goes well we will do a full, national launch in May. Our first two events are Eggs & Answers and Eggs & Answers for Non-Profit Leaders. The concept of Eggs & Answers is to […]

Greg Wolff, EveryTicketGives Co-Founder

Greg Wolff is a close friend — he likes to invest in fun projects. When I had the idea for EveryTicketGives, I took Greg out for drinks at Chris McD’s, which became dinner, and more drinks. Right away, Greg understood the power of the idea, “If you commit even a tiny part of every, single […]

EveryTicketGives is coming!

For most of my professional life, creating events from scratch has been a big part of what I do. When the Internet started to mature, I used it to sell tickets, which was pretty exciting. I have used all kinds of services and settled on one that I particularly liked, the most popular one. You […]

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