Event Planning Success Library

With the EveryEventGives Event Planning Success Library, our goal is to provide as much valuable information as we can. Look for new content at least every Wednesday and Friday.

Event Planning — Process

Video — How to Plan an Event – Project Management Training

Video — Tips for Creating an Event Planning Timeline

Video — How to Plan and Create an Event Objective (Tutorial)

Video — How to Plan the Perfect Event – The Event Expert

Event Planning — The Profession

Video — The 6 Skills of Successful Event Planners

Video — The 5 Things People Always Ask Event Planners

Video — 5 Tips to Starting Your Event Planning Business

Video — The Harsh Realities of Being An Event Planner

Video — 5 Ways to Get Event Planning Experience

Video — How To Start Your Event Career – Full Training!

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Video — 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting my Event Planning Business

Video — 5 Event Planning Mistakes Clients Hate!

Video — How Much do Event Planners Make & How to Charge your Clients!

Video — How to become an Event Planner!! • Get certified? What’s the best major to get a degree?

Video — My Life As An Event Planner, Party Planning Tips

Video — How I lost $1,500 from 1 Event Planning Client and 1 Mistake!


Video — How to Book CRAZY RICH Event Planning Clients!!

Video — 5 Things that SUCK about being an Event Planner!!

Event Planning — Marketing

Video — Event Marketing: Five Tactics to Sell Out

Video — How to throw the perfect event and market it for success!

Video — 5 Steps: How To Market An Event In Two Weeks Using Facebook Advertising

Video — 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Dominate in 2019

Video — How To Promote Your Event in Social Media

Video — The Ultimate Event Marketing Plan: A Six-Step System

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