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Backed Into A Corner

March 25 @ 7:43 am



Dear Bitter Single Guy: Ok, I’ll admit I’m not very good with women. But, needless to say, I got myself a rather awesome girlfriend. She makes me laugh, is interested in stuff that I like, and most importantly, likes me too. I’ve become attached to the point where it can, and will devestate me if I break up with her.

Heres the problem: I made the mistake of letting my eyes wander and asked another girl out. She’s a looker too, and she can make me laugh as well. Unfortunately, I’m already tied down. I contact one of my friends, who effectively tells me that she’s going to tell my girlfriend if I dont.

Not good, to say the least. So, now I’m stuck between one girl who hates me, one girl who I was into a date with because of a Mistake, and the girl who could very well be the best girl i’ve ever met.

So, What do I do? Do I try to console the friend whos forcing me to break the relationship and thereby reconcile the relationship, do I break the relationship and fall into the hopefully tender embrace of the new girl, or do I take my losses and break, hoping for the least amount of emotional and physical pain? Please, I’m running out of options, and quickly. — Backed into a Corner

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Dear BIC: The Bitter Single Guy feels for you brother, but really only a little bit. The BSG doesn’t believe that you’re bad with women, or rather, doesn’t believe that you’re any worse than any other dude.

The BSG also doesn’t believe you’ve been backed into this corner…you and he both know that you walked into that corner; head held high. BIC, there is no easy path here, there is just the path of least pain. The BSG recommends coming clean with your awesome girlfriend and giving her the option to break up with YOU as a result of your choosing to make a date then actually HAVE that date, with another girl. Your awesome girlfriend will likely dump you…think about it; you’d dump you, too.

Then, when you’re single and admittedly terribly sad, go out with new girl again. New girl at this point will become your rebound relationship. You’ll ruin it somehow, or she’ll decide that the guy who does it with you, is likely to do it to you. Think about that BIC.

The BSG predicts you’ll be single for a longer time than you wish you were, but that’s the result of cheating. That’s what you did, by the way…you cheated on your girlfriend. And it wasn’t just getting drunk and finding yourself in someone’s bed! You met someone and actually scheduled a date! Cheeky, BIC…cheeky.

BTW, don’t even include the friend who’s threatening to blow the whistle in your desperate planning. She’s going to do what she’s going to do. Own your shit, dude and that will elevate you well above the rabble in your ability to “handle” women.


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