EveryEventGives is Cheaper (for ticket buyers, YOU pay nothing!)

The first thing to know is that EveryEventGives does not cost you anything — we get our money when a ticket is sold. You will never write us a check for anything. Not one penny.

Second, here are the details. Our pricing really is pretty great (when tickets are purchased — again, you will never have to pay us anything!).

Third, check around and you will find pretty quickly that our fees are just about the lowest in the market (especially since Eventbrite raised their prices in 2018 — seriously, what’s up with that?!?).

Oh, and all that cool stuff above does not even include the fact that we give 50 cents of our fee, for every ticket sold, to the charity of your choice (and, if you are a nonprofit yourself, you can designate your charity as the recipient, so that really is just making EveryEventGives an even better option for you).

And one more thing, remember that we waive the EveryEventGives fee COMPLETELY for all school-related events. For those events, it means all they have to pay is the 3% card company fee that they would have to pay pretty much anywhere; for everyone else, it means you can feel good that working with EveryEventGives supports education (and it is less expensive for you… and it is easier… and it is faster… and a bunch of other cool stuff…).

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.