Charitable Giving

Who decides which charity gets the money from an event?

The event host chooses. The host may choose any federally recognized (501c3) non-profit organization.

Is absolutely any charity eligible to receive contributions from EveryEventGives?

  • In general, charities must be designated 501c3 by the Internal Revenue Service. This helps us confirm that a charity is real. On a case-by-case basis, we will allow designation of less official charities (for example, a child down the street is sick and the neighborhood wants to raise money to give her parents). If a request is made to contribute to anything other than a 501c3, EveryEventGives will take all necessary steps to ensure that the charitable cause is real.
  • EveryEventGives reserves the right to reject a charity if we deem it offensive to the majority of average people (we can not think of any right now, but surely there are a few, maybe for Nazis or something like that).

We are a 501c3. Can we designate ourselves to receive the 50 cents/ticket contribution from EveryEventGives?


Any 501c3 organization is eligible and the choice is up to you. For non-profit organizations who choose to give to themselves, the practical effect is that using EveryEventGives is 50 cents cheaper.

How are the charitable donations handled?

A check is sent to the charity within five business days of the end of the event, to the address that you specify. This way, we can allow donations to local charities, or any other charity you choose, whether we have heard of it or not. Each check is sent to the EXACT name and address that you have provided.

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