Conscience Driven Capitalism

What is Conscience Driven Capitalism?

“Conscience Driven Capitalism” is a whole new level of corporate giving. It means so much more than just having a charitable budget or allowing workers to volunteer. It means integrating conscience into every business transaction. It means that making the world a better place is part of the fiber of everything we do.

For EveryEventGives, it means we contribute to charity for every ticket sold through our site.

Can any company practice Conscience Driven Capitalism?

Yes, any company can practice Conscience Driven Capitalism. In fact, it is part of the mission of EveryEventGives to spread the word about the philosophy.

Conscience Driven Capitalism is about integrating giving into every sale, regardless of how large or small that contribution might be. It can be a specific amount or a percentages — whatever works for the individual business. Can you imagine what would happen if every business in the world made some sort of charitable contribution with every sale? That is Conscience Driven Capitalism.

Why Conscience Driven Capitalism?

At EveryEventGives, we believe deeply in Conscience Driven Capitalism.

1. The idea grew out of our founders’ lifelong commitment to activism and non-profit work. The fact is, finding creative ways to give back to the community is part of our company’s DNA, from Day 1. We just think it is the right thing to do.

2. Conscience Driven Capitalism is just good business. More and more, people like to buy from a company that is about more than just making money; they want to work with companies that give. Also, looking at the bigger picture, the better shape that our community and world are in, the more able people are going to be to participate in commerce of every kind. Building a better world necessarily results in a stronger marketplace, which is good for our business

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