Event Marketing

Does EveryEventGives make it easy to interact with social media?


Right at the top of every event page, visitors will see their opportunity to support and share the page using every major social media channel.

How do I use my EveryEventGives event page to promote my event?

Here are some suggestions that many of our event hosts find helpful…

If you want to sell more tickets, you must do the work. Yes, a few online ticketing services will tell you that working with them will increase your sales, but this is almost never true. Unless your event already has a massive profile with huge name recognition, ticket sales will come from your efforts.

Key Principles

  • Build lists of individuals and organizations who might care about what you are doing
  • Communicate frequently, through a variety of channels
  • Leverage others to help you wherever you can
  • Always provide interesting or valuable information (not just promotion of your event)
  • Always direct people to your payment page; the more they see it, the more they will use it

The key is to get your event in front of everyone who might possibly be interested.

  • If you have a website, either create a special page for your event or include it in an existing page. Post the link on your page or use the HTML code we provide for your event and install the purchase interface on your page.
  • Include the link to your event page in every e-mail message you send to promote your event.
  • Once or twice each week until your event, post something interesting about it on social media, with the link to purchase tickets. Be creative about your posts to really get people interested.
    • Create a special Facebook event (specifically using Facebook event functionality, not a Facebook page) with the link to your payment page. This provides a powerful way for you to share your event with friends and associates, and gives them an easy tool for helping you.
  • Be creative and thoughtful as you build your e-mail lists to share your event.
    • Everyone you know who might be interested (another reason to maintain your database of personal connections)
    • Leverage lists to which you might have access
      • Chamber of commerce lists
      • Contact lists for organizations that overlap your target market
      • Attendee lists for similar events
    • Consider sending printed invitations to high-potential prospects; as people do this less and less, the tactic becomes more and more effective; the more personalized, the better
    • Send press releases to local media, specifically targeting the appropriate editors or reporters; consider non-local, industry/interest-specific media, if your event might have broader appeal
    • Build alliances with organizations that overlap your target market
      • Offer event sponsorship in return for promoting your event
      • Promote them on your event page – with text and/or logos – in return for promotion
      • Create promo codes with discounts for their members; this allows them to provide a special benefit and help themselves while they are helping you

Suggested timeline

Here are the basic components of a timeline for promoting your event. It can be compressed to as little as three weeks. It can be adapted to your budget and available time.

Six weeks out

Send the first e-mail to announce your event

Post event to locally based community calendars

Five weeks out

Launch your Facebook event page; invite friends who might be interested

Post something interesting to social media

Four weeks out

Send an e-mail reminder (highlighting some new point of interest)

Mail printed invitations

Post something interesting to social media

Three weeks out

Send a press release to local media (maybe out-of-town industry media)

E-mail close friends/allies and ask them to invite people with e-mail or through Facebook

Post something interesting to social media

Two weeks out

Send an e-mail reminder (highlighting some new point of interest)

Post something interesting to social media

One week out

Send an e-mail reminder (highlighting some new point of interest)

Post something interesting to social media

Day of the event

Use laptops or tablets (or even smart phones) to check people in and process new credit card purchases

Events can be fun. Events can change the world.