How much does it cost to use EveryEventGives?

Nothing! All fees are paid by purchasers of tickets, when purchases are made.

EveryEventGives is Free for Event Hosts. How Does the Money Work?

  • There is no charge to anyone until a ticket is purchased, and then that charge is paid by the ticket buyer. The event host never pays anything.
  • The fees — both the EveryEventGives fee and the credit card fee — are in line with our competitors. The primary difference is that we give 50-cents for every ticket sold to the recognized charity of event host’s choice.
  • The EveryEventGives fee is 99-cents plus 2.5% per ticket.
  • The credit card fee, which goes to the credit card companies, is 3%.


  • $25 tickets would incur a fee of $2.36
  • $60 tickets would incur a fee of $4.29
  • All fees are paid by the ticket buyer, and can be folded into the ticket price or added and displayed.

The following table provides a comparison to a competitor:

EveryEventGives Eventbrite
Service Charge $0.99+ 2.5% $0.99+ 2.5%
Credit Card Fee 3% 3%
Amount Automatically Given to Charity $0.50 for every ticket sale Nothing

How does EveryEventgives’ pricing compare to Eventbrite?

EveryEventGives’ pricing is exactly the same as Eventbrite’s.

There is no charge for event hosts. All fees are paid by the ticket buyer, upon purchase. Fees can be added on top of the ticket price or paid out of the ticket price. Both companies calculate the fee amount in exactly the same way.

The only difference is that EveryEventGives contributes 50 cents from every ticket sold to the charity of the event host’s choice.

Is it really free to post free events?


You can post events that allows people to register for free. This might be for a family event, or anything else for which you do not want to charge, but want to keep track of who will attend.

For free events, there is absolutely no charge to you or to attendees, and EveryEventGives still offers the same excellent customer service.

EveryEventGives does not make charitable contribution for free events, since nothing is sold and no fees are charged.

Should I pass the Internet fee along to my ticket buyers?

At EveryEventGives, we always recommend charging the Internet fee, on top of your ticket price, so that ticket buyers pay it, and you get all of the money from your ticket price. We have never seen a case where this led to lower ticket sales. People are accustomed to paying Internet service fees and the fees do not affect buying behavior.

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